Rachel Mishael is an abstract eco-artist based in New York City and Copenhagen. Rachel’s conceptual and emotion-driven work explores themes of nature, health, social-equity and capitalism. Her style reflects the blending of nature with minimalist design.

After several years of working with acrylic, cement, spray and other toxic art materials, Rachel learned about the harmful impact these conventional materials had on her health and the environment. When she began a search for alternative options in 2020, she was introduced to the small but growing eco-art community. Drawing from ancient and indigenous practices around the world, Rachel learned how to make her own paints, dyes, inks, clays and more entirely from nature. She found the natural paint-making process brought a deepened connection to her work and decided to dedicate the future of her practice to earth-friendly materials.

In 2021, Rachel began transitions: a zero-waste collective. This collective was born out of Rachel’s eco-minded, zero-waste approach to transition away from her existing supply of conventional materials to a fully sustainable studio. Each work in the collective makes use of materials that would otherwise go to landfill. 

Most recently, Rachel was commissioned for Copenhagen’s annual 3daysofdesign event, one of the top design weeks in the world.

By sharing paint-making videos and eco-art tips on her social media, Rachel has expanded the eco-art community to her +400k new followers, and started the “eco-art revolution” movement. Her videos have been featured by HP, Buzzfeed, Tastemade Home, Abstract Art Planet and more.

Before committing to her art practice full-time, Rachel spent her early career as a journalist and social media producer at CNN and BBC Global News. Her background in journalism greatly informs the ideas and messages behind her work.